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Experience Count Blagaj's Land

ČRNI VRH, experience the local life

Experience the local life of Count Blagaj's land in Črni Vrh. Nowhere is the terrain of the Polhov Gradec hills within such close reach as it is around Črni Vrh – a picturesque small village that is home to St. Lenart's church, which stands on an 861 metre-high slope above the Velika Božna gorge. The heart of the village, which is reputed to have been named after its dark pine trees, consists of closely packed houses beneath the church and solitary farms scattered on the steep green slopes. Visit the most ''hilly'' area of Polhov Gradec.

We have created a package, which includes:

  • accommodation for two nights with a welcome gift (the welcome gift includes food for two breakfasts); towels and bedding are included in the price,
  • the apartment offers two full bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a balcony, a summer kitchen, a dining room, a big back yard with a table and a grill,
  • free parking,
  • free Wi-Fi,
  • pets allowed,
  • upon arrival you recieve a bag of goodies from the Count Blagaj's land,
  • you can visit animals in the nearby stable anytime on your own responsibility or arrange a picnic outside,
  • 4-hour long experience in the company of a local (Bread baking workshop)
  • an experience of your choice (Experience Slovenian Apiculture and Honey or the Dormouse Adventure Park or Ethnological workshop),
  • insurance.

PRICE: 352 € for 2 people
You can pay for the accommodation with the voucher (which covers 170 € or 85 € per person). For the rest, you will be issued a bill.

Additional payment: Tourist tax: 1,25 €/per person/per night. The tax is charged in the accommodation.

For those who enjoy pristine nature, meeting animals and spending their time actively and creatively – a spacious hous Pr' Popr will meet and exceed your expectations. Upon arrival we will give you a tour of our homestead, almost 200-year old barn, which offers a home to many animal species, orchards and fields, where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables. If you'd like, we can accompany you to a nearby forest to pick forest fruits and mushrooms. At night, stargazing is a popular pastime. Natural, effortless, original, and above all, local. More:

Have you ever torn off a piece of bread with a crispy crust that has just been baked in a clay oven? Have you ever mixed, kneaded and baked your own bread – the way that our mothers and grandmothers did? Kindly invited to join our Bread baking workshop, where you will learn how to bake bread in a traditional way. The master baker will greet you warmly and welcome you into her warm room with an oven, where you will together mix and bake your own loaf of crusty bread. More:

But this is not the end of your holidays in Count Blagaj's land, because you can also choose between three expericences. The Ethnological Workshop is for all the creative individuals, who would like to make their own unique wooden or woolen ornament. If your kids will be accompanying you, a visit to the Dormouse Adventure Park in Polhov Gradec would be a great choice. However, in Božnar House of Honey you can experience Slovenian apiculture and find out everything about bees, which is also a uniqe way to get to know the destination.  

Count Blagaj's land also has to offer many additional activities (for more information visit our website Visit Polhov Gradec and click on 'EXPERIENCE'):
Hiking in the Polhov Gradec hills (Polhograjsko hribovje).
Cycling in the Polhov Gradec hills (Polhograjsko hribovje).
A visit to the Polhov Gradec mansion and its park.
Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Gradec.
A Picnic in the 'Slovenian Dolomites'.