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Taste Count Blagaj's Land with Luka Košir

Taste the best of what Count Blagaj's land has to offer and visit Šentjošt – a village where gourmet couisine is in close contact with nature

In the Polhov Gradec 'Dolomites', the hilly suburbs of Ljubljana, unique local stories are combined together with stories of goodies from 'Blagaj's Land'. The goodies, which are known collectively as 'A Wealth of Goodies from Blagaj's Land'. Goodies, which can be experienced by visiting local homesteads. Tasted as prepared by top chefs, rooted out from the past, and admired on flowering meadows in the embrace of forests … Count Blagaj's land is a destination, where seasonal and locally grown food is a priority for one of Slovenia's most imaginative culinary masters, the young chef Luka Košir. His Gostišče Grič has recently recieved two Michelin awards. The village of Šentjošt nad Horjulom, located on a small hillock, offers something for your soul, heart and body. It is where hospitable locals will introduce you to green nature, lively local life and unique experiences.

We have created a package, which includes:

  • accommodation for two nights (Wi-Fi, TV, common area, open-fire grill, bikes for rent, terrace, free parking, pets are welcome),
  • two local breakfasts (prepared from local food only),
  • cold dinner upon arrival,
  • dinner (5 courses at Gostišče Grič),
  • 5-hour long experience in the company of a local (Šentjošt path of natural and cultural heritage or Painting frescoes),
  • insurance.

PRICE: 528 € for 2 people
You can pay for the accommodation with the voucher (which covers 140 € or 70 € per person). For the rest, you will be issued a bill.

Additional payment:
Tourist tax: 1,25 €/per person/per night. The tax is charged in the accommodation.
Restrictions: The programme is not carried out on Mondays and Tuesdays.  

Možina's house, where you will be accommodated, is a rare example of a preserved historical house of a wealthy farmer in Polhov Gradec Hills. It is built in classical rural style. With its 106 hectares of land it used to be the wealthiest house in the Šentjošt area. Today it opens its door to the locals and travelers. There are 4 apartments in Možina's house. More:

Gostišče Grič will take care of a unique culinary experience. Luka Košir will prepare breakfast, cold dinner and a five course dinner using seasonal food, for which he ensures it comes directly from the restaurant's garden or nearby forests and meadows to your plates. A blend of the generosity of nature and human creativity awaits for you. For more information about Gostišče Grič click on the link or watch the video below.

The package also includes an experience. Would you like to get to know Šentjošt in the company of a local guide, opening the doors of farmsteads, private museums and churches? Or would you rather become a fresco painter for a day? The choice is yours.

Count Blagaj's land also has to offer many additional activities (for more information visit our website Visit Polhov Gradec and click on 'EXPERIENCE'):
Hiking in the Polhov Gradec hills (Polhograjsko hribovje).
Cycling in the Polhov Gradec hills (Polhograjsko hribovje).
Bread baking workshop in Črni Vrh.
The Dormouse Adventure Park in Polhov Gradec.
A visit to the Polhov Gradec mansion and its park.
Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Gradec.
Kavčič Restoration Workshop in Šentjošt.
ZOO in Vrzdenec.
Sirarstvo in kozjereja Orešnik (goat breeding, cheese making).
Kmetija Pr' Lupč (fresh meat, fresh and dry-cured meat products, other products)



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