Arhiv Občine Dobrova-Polhov Gradec

Polhograjska Grmada (898 m)

- 1.75 hours via the hamlet of Ravnek

- 510 m

- moderate if you take the route up the slope, strenuous if you take the route along the ridge

Take the asphalt road behind the Pri Pratkarju restaurant in the village of Polhov Gradec. As you reach a single straight-line hayrack, turn left towards the forest. 15 minutes later you will cross a clearing. Continue along a macadamized road leading past an Alpine hut to a grassy slope. A beaten track across the slope brings you to the hamlet of Ravnek. At the end of the hamlet, at a point where the path forks, turn right past a quarry. Continue through the forest and across the meadows to reach a wider forest path leading from the village of Dvor. Here, turn left towards the Polhograjska Grmada hill and soon you will see a hunters' hut. Behind the hut, a steep and strenuous path leads along the ridge and across the Mala Grmada hill to the top of Polhograjska Grmada. For a more leisurely ascent, turn right at the hunters' hut and ascend gradually to the top, where you can enjoy beautiful views.

Pohograjska Grmada can also be accessed from the Mačkov graben valley via the Gonta pass or from the hamlet of Setnica at the foot of the Mala Grmada hill, where you can make a stop for a refreshment at the Pri Mehačku tourist farm.