Urša Čuk

Polhograjska gora – Lovrenc (824 m)

- 1 hour from the Polhov Gradec Mansion
- 1 hour and 30 minutes along a circular route via the village of Briše

- 420 m

- medium and relatively steep

ACCESS ROUTES:                                                                                             
Behind the lookout tower of the Polhov Gradec Mansion turn left and then immediately right past the Beekeeping Centre to reach the monument to Daphne blagayana at the foot of the Polhograjska gora hill. Pass the monument and continue along a waymarked forest path to the top of the hill, the site of a church of St. Lawrence. The route takes about an hour at a moderate pace.
Alternatively, you can begin your hike in the village of Briše, where you can visit the Pri Bitencu tourist farm before turning right towards the hamlet of Praporče. Look out for the first roofed double hayrack (a traditional wooden lattice structure for drying and storing animal fodder) on the right. Next to the hayrack, turn right onto a bridle path leading to the top of the pass. From there, you can take either a more leisurely route along a country lane or a more strenuous one along the ridge of the hill. This route takes about one and a half hour at a moderate pace.